Monday, January 11, 2010

News in brief #2

"Might be!" joked Bertie Spellend when asked if he was going to Ruthie Tascal's Vampire Ball. Spellend's firm, Digital Stimulation, is sponsoring the charity event, all proceeds from which will go towards raising the profile of blood donation.

Meanwhile, a local paparazzi experienced a snowy encounter with a diminutive stranger on Sunday evening. "He was standing there, so I took his picture. Then he propositioned me! He looked like a frozen pygmy," said the Ruff Mag photographer.

"There's no room for this kind of horseplay in Pranker's Wycke," said Tony Poucher commenting on disturbing revelations for the equine community.

Police will today sweep the scene for evidence after a particularly violent attack in Hertinmer Square. "I'd come out of the Sleeping Wit, and bang, it all kicked off. She was a witch," said a dazed Bradley Moomhandled, the victim of last night's assault.

And lastly, now back at home, Ted Rodger's recovery should be speedy. His pride might take longer to mend! Others were also cut off today albeit by snow.

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