Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recession: has the bust been over inflated? Paradoxically, Hunter Mayter thinks so

"Flying Fresh is about feeling young again. It's about soaring to new places, with a little help from us!" quipped Hunter Mayter, M.D. FACS, with a flash of his perfect white teeth. Mayter, a cosmetic surgeon from Flushing Gaps, KY. is opening a new premises adjacent to the Duke of Porchester pub in Pranker's Wycke.

Offering a wide range of surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments and cosmetic dentistry, Flying Fresh aims to help people feel great about their appearance. "We build a relationship with our patients based on trust. Our experts provide a thorough consultation to help customers make the right decisions," explained resident expert in charge of non-surgical treatments, Justin Mecter, M.D.

With state-of-the-art facilities, complete after care service and flexible finance options, the future looks bright for Flying Fresh, especially if those pearly whites are anything to go by!

To arrange a free, no obligation consultation, either call or drop by and ask for Tate Grits.

Flying Fresh.
8 High Street,
Pranker's Wycke.
T: 44371
E: flyingfresh@prankers.wycke.zz

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