Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snatch a glimpse of Clive Drungehard's column in our sneak preview

Next month's Ruff Mag features columnist and off-road enthusiast, Clive Drungehard, talking candidly about his enduring love affair with a now elderly lady. With permission, we print an excerpt to whet your appetite. 

Our first encounter was on a Friday evening in 1973, down a back street of Bolden-cum-Hack. I paid a man £100 for her. She was battered, scratched, and leaking a bit,  but she was beautiful. My very own Landy [sic] Rover. I took her home, washed and cleaned her before going to bed. The next morning I rose early, jumped inside her and off we went on the first of many dirty, filthy, mucky weekends. A thirsty girl, I filled her up twice before we reached our destination; the glorious Peak District.

We set up camp on the outskirts of a small village, amongst some trees that bordered a very wide and muddy gulley. Perfect for a our first attempt at bogging. With a little tug on my lever, she was on all 4's, her low box making light work for me as I entered the slimy ditch. I'll spare you the ins and outs, suffice to say that after a very hairy but nonetheless enjoyable hour, we ended up well and truly stuck. I lent on my horn for a couple of minutes before eventually going for help. Pulling first timers out of the mudhole seemed to be a regular occurrence for the locals. The rest of the weeked is now a blur, probably because of the hospitality at the Crown Tap. Such a helpful and welcoming community, you could do a lot worse than getting stuck in Firling Ephert.

Read more about Clive's adventures with Landy, plus a review of Aston Busshole's latest model, the Intruder. Ruff Mag - out on February 1st.

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