Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mick for Dummies

Mickey Stouse, from Digital Stimulation, is to run a series of classes, called 'Mick for Dummies', aimed at helping young single mothers develop the necessary skills and confidence to use computers and the internet.

"Bertie and me see it all the time. We know they feel trapped at home. They can't get out to do the shopping, or go to work or even see friends. Computers with webcams connected to the internet are a great way from them to meet people, to shop and even make a bit of money if they want to, all from the comfort of their bedrooms!" said Mickey, explaining the rational behind the course. "We want the girls to have confidence in using computers and the internet safely. It's all about these young mums having and sharing the ryte [sic] belief on the web."

For more information, give Mickey or Bertie a call or drop in to Digital Stimulation (assuming you can get out of the house).

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