Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Notices #2


Nurtured by wildlife enthusiast Marge Lammaries, her two Great Tits had been regular visitors to the garden of no. 44 Sipping Rise. They were last seen on the morning of Monday 27th November.

“I’d been cleaning my box in preparation for a web-cam that Bertie Spellend is going to install for me,” explained Mrs. Lammaries. “My Great Tits usually just seem to be sitting in front of me, but when I looked down, they were gone!”

Mr. Lammaries, a keen twitcher, was shocked to hear of the disappearance. “Mick, my husband, had been in his shed crushing his nuts and bagging his seed for the winter, so he never saw nothing,” said the deflated part time geriatric nurse.

“I just hope they haven’t flown over the back field to Frock Cottage and been eaten by Snatch,” said Mick Lammaries. “Sister Foundly’s Shorthair has a dreadful reputation,” he added.

Marge Lammaries is anxious to know her Great Tits are OK and urges anyone with any information to get in touch.


Blunghole, M.D. said...

Dear Marge,

We are all hoping your Great Tits be swiftly returned to the bosom of the Lammaries household. What joy our feathered friends have brought to the village of Pranker's Wycke over the years. Just last month, Joan Mentley's box had Redwings which I'm told is an extremely rare occurrence these days.


Bertie Spellend said...

hi marge – and well said blunghole. i'm a keen bird watcher myself, mostly on the internet these days. oh yeah - that reminds me, Mick popped into the shop earlier with a hard disc he wanted wiping. he mentioned you're still keen to stick a web-cam in your box, something about his brother over in footers-on-hull wanting in on the action? anyway, i'll pop round in the week to fit you up. keep positive. Bertie

Anonymous said...

My earliest memories are of chasing after miliaria calandra