Monday, November 20, 2006

Gavin Haysecks Hurts Inside

Fole Hilling 32-7 Pranker’s Wycke

Pranker’s Wycke RFC player-coach, Gavin Haysecks, was close to tears yesterday as his inexperienced side suffered a thrashing at the hands of an impressive team from Fole Hilling.

"The shower room was a disgusting place to be," said Haysecks after the match. "We didn't just lose, we were beaten, and that really hurts."

The troubled coach praised Duncan Spash, his lightening fast winger, who opened the scoring by beating three players off before forcing his way in. For the majority of the opening 15 minutes however, Pranker’s Wycke looked far from convincing as the errors began to pile up.

Fole Hilling's ferocious pack soon surged over to bring the scores level, and then the humiliation began. "We just opened up our backs to a relentless onslaught," conceded Haysecks. "Their huge tackles just kept coming."

The start of the second half saw no let up for Haysecks's side, now trailing by 22-7 as the visitors continued to dominate proceedings. Within minutes, a combination of quick hands and a lovely toss ended in a spurt over the line for the Fole Hilling captain.

The Pranker's Wycke faithful who were waiting for a second coming were to be disappointed. "We gave them the opportunity and they finished us off once and for all," admitted the burly player-coach.

Broken and exhausted, the home team continued to make unforced errors, ultimately allowing Fole Hilling to slot one in just before the final whistle. “I have got to admit that was a poor performance, we will now have our routine debrief in the changing room, where I will get to the bottom of this," gasped a breathless Haysecks leaving the field. "We are a team; we all had our own parts in that performance."

"We will rise again, we need a victory, and we’ll pull one off together," replied Haysecks positively when asked where Pranker's Wycke RFC could go from here.


Blunghole, M.D. said...

Having just read the review in this evening's paper, I feel compelled to reassure both Gavin and the team that they continue to have our full support. I'm sure he'd welcome any words of encouragement that you can offer.

Todd Lee Haped-Sesticles said...

Coming from down under, and being a dedicated handler of the oval ball myself, I thought I’d have a gander at what you blokes in Pranker’s Wycke have in the way of talent. Strike me flamin’ handsome. I’ve never seen a group of lads so exposed at the back. It was clear within minutes of the opening that Pranker’s Wycke were never going to pull it off. The forwards completely lacked penetration, and were quickly subdued by the bone-jarring tackles of Fole Hilling. Almost by default, the only viable option in the face of such a physical mismatch was Gavin Haysecks. For his part, he undeniably prodded and probed Fole’s defensive curtain with skill and ingenuity. However, for all his exertion, he never really looked like scoring.
I shall be spending the winter in Pranker’s Wycke and I’d like to offer my services to the blokes in whatever capacity they see fit. I have more than 20 years coaching experience, ranging from school boy’s to the High Drumping first XV.