Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The Jilly Chisholm Seminal Depository in Pranker's Wycke is looking for a General Manager.

To be the successful candidate in this challenging environment you will have a wide range of skills. An achiever yourself, you will find our labs brimming with the crème de la crème.

Importantly in our trust-based service, you must be open to client input and not tight-lipped in a customer-facing scenario. Our many busy periods mean you must be willing to lend a hand, and will be responsive and sensitive in such a hands-on situation.

Whilst not overly ambitious, you are eager to suc-
ceed. Perhaps most importantly in this intimate work-place you will enjoy being on the job and will communicate this positivity to others, letting them see the relish on your face.

Please apply to:

Wilma Spank
Sample Management
The Jilly Chisholm Seminal Depository
11-15 Hertinmer Square
Pranker's Wycke


Helena Smarry said...

Can I apply online?

Paul Smeenis said...

A plea from a potential donor. Please ensure the successful candidate can demonstrate the utmost discretion. I have often been up Jilly Chisolm's, firmly intent on a donation, only to find myself unable to leave the car park. Whilst well endowed with the spirit of giving, I am deeply self conscious and fear belittlement.

Brad Nanding said...

To Wilma Spank

Re: the General Manager Position

I believe I may be able to fill the opening you have advertised. I come with much experience gleaned from my time under the guiding hand of the famous Korean guru Yuck Dou Sry. I am qualified in his patented heat and pressure technique, and am sure I will make an immediate and lasting impression on your clients.

I look forward to your response.

Wilma Spank said...

Dear Applicants,

Thank you for approaching us at the Jilly Chisholm Seminal Depository. We regretfully announce that the slot has now been filled by Julia Trisbottler, who showed a lot of spunk in the interview. Many of you may already have come across her as she has several years' experience in source procurement.

Wilma Spank