Friday, November 24, 2006

Bertie Spellend from Digital Stimulation

We're back cyber fans! This summer we took advantage of 3 months enforced closure to give Digital Stimulation a much needed upgrade. I can't talk about the incident, involving Frank Winnetically, that led to the police investigation and our subsequent period 'offline' ggrrr....... Just remember that not everyone using the internet does so for entirely aboveboard reasons. On to more positive things. Our internet cafe will be opening shortly, providing free wireless access to residents of Pranker's Wycke. Hope to see you in store soon!

Bertie Spellend


Anonymous said...

Hello Bertie,

I have been laying cable all over my flat: from the wall right through to the bedroom. Does wireless manage enormous load? My load seems very high and sometimes I feel my cable struggles.

I also have a used Commodore 64 for sale if anyone wants it. i think it is too powerful for my needs.

Peter Wilks

Bertie Spellend said...

Peter - sounds messy, all that cable everywhere. Suggest a big fat pipe, a real whippy router - and a regular data dump. That should deal with any load.

Commodore 64 - is that some kind of private jet?!? Don't think I can help you shift that one fella.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bertie,

I have installed the fat pipe and had a massive dump on Sunday. Things seem to have sped up no end at my end.

Thanks again,