Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Regretfully we announce the untimely passing of Mat Bounter aged 52, who died peacefully after a short illness – rabies. Matthew, a taxidermist by trade, was a well-known character around Pranker’s Wycke and, despite his preservation methods not always being accepted amongst the wider profession, was never without work. He could always be found tool in hand in the back of his shop, bent double stuffing an old dog or mounting a pipistrelle.
Mr Bounter will not be sadly missed by his mother and two ferrets.


Blunghole, M.D. said...

Some people have a special touch, a certain 'way' of doing things. Mat had his way with all creatures - great and small. Who will now fill the hole left by this voracious animal lover? He will be remembered.

Dirk Jogsoff said...

Shame, so the doff snuffed it, eh? kief! I met him here in SA some 30 years ago. He went completely befok after 3 months in Angola. We'd hunt bok for food, he was more interested in stuffing 'em! We used to give him kak for it. Things calmed down here when he left for Pranker's Wycke. Brus, you are better off without him let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to find that Police also discovered in an abandoned lock-up, 38 startled looking lifeless poor animals of all shapes and sizes. They appeared to be half-finished projects.

Wanda Krackmanoff