Friday, March 26, 2010

Heads up! It's the Candingstock lineup.

The Chili Wafers, a new three piece band, look set to rock the festival circuit this summer, kicking off with a headline performance at our very own Candingstock Weekend. Dirty Flirtbox guitarist Gustav Mashsoon joins Flywoods Magrant drummer and namesake Mick Flywood, and unknown vocalist Hugo Yumper, in what promises to be the musical coming together of the year.

"I've got a nose for these things," said Tiffany Snodger, rock cub journalist and self confessed Flywoods Magrant groupie. "With Mick beating out a rhythm on the skins, and Mashoon's fingers working overtime, we should be in for a real treat." The only remaining questions concern the apparently reluctant sex symbol Hugo Yumper. Well, all will be revealed come Saturday 7th August.

Tickets go on sale Monday 29th March at 9.00am.

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