Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of the frying pan and into a police cell.

"I adore them. It's Mardi Gras. It felt right to make a Shrove line. What more can I say?" said Frank Winnetically from his custody cell this morning. Serial offender Winnetically was this time arrested for a public indecency offence, after residents in Hertinmer Square reported a man simulating sex with a row of pancakes.

"Our Scenes of Crime Officers found a number of lemon seeds which, once followed up, will give us a DNA profile," said a police spokesperson. "Frank Winnetically remains our no.1 suspect. This is a serious crime. He is delusional if he thinks this will be treated as just a pancake binge matter."


Anonymous said...

What about
Tyson Knight
Portia Frickener
Captain Trunt
Cardinal Havities
etc etc

Blunghole, M.D. said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you so much for putting us back in touch with friends of old. I will write to them and let you know their news.

Blunghole, M.D. said...

Dear Anonymous, some sad news re Tyson Knight. See Pranker's Wycke on Twitter for the press release. Thanks again for putting us back in touch.